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We are proud to offer beautiful flowers that are always hand-arranged and hand-delivered by local florists: that's the Floreal Difference! Plus we make it easy to send flowers online. You can order your floral arrangements online from your desktop, tablet, or phone. If you need to get a gift last-minute, we have same-day flower delivery available on most flower arrangements. Just place your order before 3:00 PM, Monday - Friday, or by 12:00 PM on Saturday or Sunday (in your recipient's time zone) and our local florist will deliver the flowers the very same day!

Tahitian Tropics Bouquet

From romantic whimsical cascade bouquets to traditional hand-tied bouquets, brides have options when it comes to choosing their wedding bouquets.nnYour bridal flowers are such an important part of your wedding day, so itu2019s important to pick a type of bouquet that will complement your overall look and theme.nnTo help you figure out whatu2019s right for you, here are 12 types of wedding bouquets to consider carrying as you walk down the aisle!

Highly traditional and popular, nosegay bouquets are round bouquets consisting of a tight bunch of flowers cut to uniform in length and style. The flowers are packed in very tightly, and tied by an accenting fabric wrap or wire.nnGenerally, one focal flower or focal color defines the bouquet. This is a very elegant and classic look; choose this bouquet for a chic and small indoor wedding thatu2019s more focused on the romance and intimacy of the day.


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28 Aug 2019


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We choose out flowers from our flower bank (rearranged each day as new flowers arrive) to design with.

Once the outside is prettily adorned with flowers, we turn the computer on to see what the day has in store for us in terms of customer orders. We begin the day often conditioning the new flowers that come into the shop. Carefully checking over all stems, removing foliage and giving them a good drink. We make a lot of mess whilst doing this and often lose our feet amongst leafy foliage.

After all the flowers are conditioned into clean buckets (a job that most florists donu2019t enjoy, but a job that in our shop is completed by the owner all the way down to the Saturday girl no one gets out of bleaching buckets!) we get making bouquets and arrangements to sell in the shop or to deliver to lots of pleased recipients.